Great day in Port Arthur with our neighborhood kids and dancers!

August 23, 2014|Posted in: Appearances


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  1. Carolyn Haag
    August 28, 2014

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    Dear Allison, So sorry I have plans that I cannot cancel for September 9th. But if by chance I can I’ll try to come.

    I go to the Wellness Center several days a week. And this morning I saw some people and I said, “If you don’t have another preference my friend Allison Getz is running for the Office of Tax Assessor.” One lady walked away and then came back and asked, “Is she that lawyer’s wife?” Not knowing what to expect I said, “Yes.” She replied, “Good. I’ll be sure to for her then.” Seems Mike is a real asset to your campaign. I just had to smile. I’ll keep reminding people to vote you. I so admire you and I wish that everyone could know how competent you are. Best, Carolyn

    • Allison Getz
      August 31, 2014

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      I appreciate your kind words so much! I will miss you on Sept. 9th but be sure and write down November 4th for the Election night watching party at Carlito’s on College St. We will have delicious food and beverages and watch the returns together! See you soon, Allison

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